Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year Olds (Weekly Reading Reflection Week 4)

The Kaiser Family Foundation conducted the study in which they surveyed more than 2000 participants, ages 8-18, on their media use. The foundations defines media as TV content, music/audio, computers, video games, text, or movies. The foundation conducted this survey to collect data. They hope that the analysis of this data will aid: policymakers when creating national media policies, parents who want to maintain their child’s media habits, educators and advocates who are concerned with the impact of media on youth, and those who want to determine the educational and informational potential of media in young people’s lives.

I think that this was an interesting and necessary study to conduct. It is important for us to have a basic understanding of a topic before creating policies, laws, or restrictions on it. For example, maybe the survey results would show that now, children 8-10 spent most of their day watching TV. It also could show that children ages 8-10 have lower test grades than they did in 1999. It can be assumed that those two events are correlated. Therefore, policymakers may take that into account when making media policies.

It is also important for use to be knowledgeable on a topic before investing time and energy into it. For example, if the results of the survey showed that many of our youth use mobile devices for 20% of their day, maybe educators would want to determine the potential of using mobile devices for educational use.



One thought on “Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year Olds (Weekly Reading Reflection Week 4)

  1. You make great points about why this study can produce important information to guide other choices we make. It’s great for teachers to be aware of this so they can implement media use into lessons and/or homework to motivate students. If students use their mobile devices 20% of their day, why not give them assignments on it?!


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