Web 2.0 Learning Experience – So Far

My Web 2.o learning tool is Wikispaces. I have a little experience with Wikis for school, but I never made one myself. I’ve used them for something as simple as a sign up page for when I did observations in undergrad. I also used them for a whole semester last fall. The professor posted all classwork and assignments on his Wiki. As for creating a Wiki myself, I had to do some research. I learn best by seeing and doing. Because of this, I looked up “how to create a Wiki on youtube.” This helped me visualize what I am suppose to do and where are the options are on the website. I also learn by doing. So, I played around on the Wikispaces site until I understood how to do it. I’m excited to share my findings and work with my partner to create a cohesive presentation.


3 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Learning Experience – So Far

  1. Hi Jean,
    I think that it is extremely valuable to learn how to create something that you have used before. Like you, I had used my learning tool (podcasting) as a listener, but had never created one before. Also like you, I learn visually, so youtube videos are a great tool to have. I am excited to watch your presentation, and to learn about Wikis because I have little to no knowledge on the topic!


  2. Hello Jean,

    Web 2.0 is a great resource that has recommended many tools that I can see myself using in the classroom. I also learn best by seeing and doing. I am excited to see everyone’s PowerPoint throughout the rest of the semester to get a hands on experience with these tools.

    – Cynthia


  3. Hi Jean!

    This course is teaching me so much about different Web 2.0 tools that I will definitely use in my classroom. All of the presentations have been informative, even if I do not plan to use them in my classroom. I can’t wait to see your presentation on Wikis. While I certainly could complete different tutorials and professional development seminars about the use of Wikis, I think that the idea of having students (education students) teaching other education students provides a perspective that other forms of instruction may not provide. We would be looking for ways in which to implement these tools into our classroom instruction, and will be looking into ways we can do so, and potential issues in accomplishing that task. I am really appreciative of this class and what I am taking away from here.


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