Video Editing and Showcasing

I chose to create an Animoto about when I studied abroad in 2013. I am actually quite familiar with video editing and showcasing. In fact, I used Animoto quite frequently when I was in undergrad for projects and assignments. I use iMovie for most projects. When I was younger, I was obsessed with recording and editing my own “movies.” My parents were convinced I was going to grow up to become a film editor. But alas, the teaching profession called my name instead.

As for communication with my group member, I informed Samantha that I am well-versed in Animoto and if she has any questions, to send them on over! As for showcasing on my blog, I wish there was an easier way to embed my Animoto to my WordPress blog. The embed coding does not work. Other than that, I love the application. It is easy to use and, most importantly, fun!


3 thoughts on “Video Editing and Showcasing

  1. Making an Animoto about your study abroad experience is such a great idea! I studied abroad in Australia my sophomore year and didn’t have a GoPro at the time. Many of my friends had them and were constantly recording and making videos. Now I understand why they made so many – because it’s so easy and a great way to save your memories forever!


  2. The Animoto application reminds me of those videos Facebook makes for the New Year or for friendaversaries. It is a great way to showcase a bunch of pictures that are all related! I can see my students making one of these for a project.


  3. Hi Jean!
    I enjoyed watching your Animoto video, it looked like you had a great time studying abroad. I am actually going to Europe for the first time for spring break and I can’t wait! Before this project, I had never heard of Animoto, so it is interesting that you have used it so much in the past.


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