Using Podcast in the Classroom

One way in which I plan to use podcasts in my classroom is to provide students with additional time with a lesson. For example, I can record my lesson on a podcast and then provide my students with a link to that podcast for additional studying and review. It can also be beneficial for students who are absent. This way, students do not have to miss out on lessons and they do not have to try and teach the material to themselves.

I can also use podcasts in my classrooms to provide my students with a different source to find information. For example, if we are learning a lesson on economics, I can show an episode of the well-known podcast, Freakonomics. Overall, podcasts are a great resource for any type of teacher to utilize in their classrooms.


One thought on “Using Podcast in the Classroom

  1. Hi Jean,
    Sorry for the late response, I just saw this post now! You have some great ideas when it comes to using Podcasting in the classroom! Using it as a way for students to review or get caught up at home is a great idea since they can be accessible from almost any device. Along with this, as simple as it sounds, using existing podcasts like you said can be a great source of information! Current events, politics, documentaries, and even science are all topics that can be easily found in the podcast store.


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