Using Online Surveys in the Classroom

After viewing Group 7’s presentation, I now know how to create a Google Survey. I can see myself using this application in my classroom for a variety of reasons. One being as an exit ticket. I can use this to determine what my students retained from my lesson and what they still need help on. I can also use it to monitor my students’ progress. I think that Google Survey is a great tool that teachers of any grade level can use.


One thought on “Using Online Surveys in the Classroom

  1. Hi Jean,
    I liked your ideas about using google surveys in your classroom. I love this tool because they are so easy to make and can be used for a wide variety of reasons! Using them as an exit ticket is a really good idea to check your students understanding. Sometimes a normal exit ticket might be frustrating to a student because they want to be done with the lesson, but using technology can usually bring the students’ attention back to the material!


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