ICT & Collaborative Learning (Weekly Reading Reflection Week 7)

Nussbaum, Gómez, Weitz, Lopez, Mena, Torres, authors of Co-located single-display collaborative learning for early childhood education, and Giulia Gelmini-Hornsb, Shaaron Ainsworth, and Claire O’Malley, authors of Guided reciprocal questioning to support children’s collaborative storytelling describe the benefits of collaborative learning in early childhood education classrooms. I believe the more important part of a young student’s school experience is collaborative learning. It teaches students how to work together as a group, increasing social skills. It also allows students to learn from their peers. Being able to learn from peers is essential; it allows students to hear explanations of concepts on their own “levels.” However, I do think that collaborative learning should be structured. Every group member should have a “job” or responsibility. No student should be left staring off into space or fooling around.



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