Interaction Technology (iPads & Smartbord) and Learning (Weekly Reading Reflection Week 9)

Carly Shuler, author of iLearn’II An Analysis of the Education Category of Apple’s App Store, describes the usage of iPads in the classroom. I am pro iPad use in the classroom. I have seem how much it has improved the learning of young students. It allows them to access a vast amount of information. It also allows students to learn through multiple modalities, which can result in more meaningful learning. It also allows teachers to better differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students, not just the average ones. This article makes me excited to see what’s to come from not only Apple, but all different types of technologies used in the classroom.

Interactive whiteboards are great for all students. For example, Promethean’s Activboard Touch can be used with any student, regardless of age or gender. The Activboard Touch can be used by students with many different disabilities. Students who may be on the Autism Spectrum, have learning impairments, fine motor skill impairments can benefit from the interactive whiteboards like these. Boards like this or the Smartboard shown in the video allows users to fully customize how information is presented across all three modalities of learning. This ensures that students are provided with multiple options of perception.


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