ICT & Early Math (Weekly Reading Reflection Week 11)

Merilyn Buchanan, author of Classroom technologies as tools not toys: A teacher’s perspective on making it work in the classroom, describes how teachers should be implementing technology into mathematics classes. Sometimes, we don’t usually think of implementing technology into mathematics classes, especially those of younger aged students. When we think of technology in math, we think of graphing programs. However, there are some great resources our there for early childhood aged students that can really improve their math skills and math learning more meaningful. I also agree with Bachanan’s three phases of implementing the technology. I think it’s important that the technology being used is not just being added for show, but that it actually supplements the curriculum and adds to learning.

Bratitsis and Amanatidou, authors of Counting sounds: An ICT musical approach for teaching the concept of the angle in kindergarten, describes how using music can help young students learn geometry. This article was very interesting to read. It makes sense. If you go into any pre-k or kindergarten class, they have songs for EVERYTHING. It helps students learn by memorization which is essential at that age.



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