Using Science Technology in the Classroom

There are many science resources available for teachers to use in the classroom. One being ExploreLearning. I think that ExploreLearning is a great resource that has a wide-range of subjects. It is also a great resource to get students engaged in learning. The gizmos may have the student think they are playing a game, when really they are learning. I think it is has the most advantages due to its large selection of different topics and grade levels. It also is very aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

I also love Edheads. Edheads is a web-based application that motivates students to work harder in school by helping teachers connect their math and science lessons to real careers. It is a paid membership program. However, there are free games available on their site. The application includes games and activities that promote critical thinking. You can become a surgeon and perform virtual knee surgery. Or, you can become a geneticist and help a family determine if they carry a genetic mutation. After looking around on the website and playing around on the games, I believe that this application is fantastic. It is engaging and really gets your mind thinking. It also allows students to connect what they are learning to careers they can have in the real world. When students can make these connections, it can lead to a deeper and greater understanding of the content. It also can set the student up for success after school. It can expose them to STEM careers they may have not knew about before.


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