Curriculum Integration for EC/Childhood (Weekly Reading Reflection Week 13)

Meaningful Technology Integration in Early Learning Environments explains how technological tools can support a learner-centered and play-oriented early childhood curriculum and promote relationship building among children, families, and the wider community. I can not agree more. I loved the idea of using digital cameras within the classroom to take pictures of the children’s ongoing project activities, field trips, and art projects. Students can than use those photos for portfolios or projects. Teachers can also use them to assess student learning. This idea is also apparent in the article Digital photo journals in a K-1 classroom:  A novel approach to addressing early childhood technology standards and recommendations, by Ching, Wang, and Kedem. However, Ching, Wang, and Kedem go into more detail about how those uses of technology might effect a student’s social isolation levels. I agree with this in some extent. I think that too much time on technology alone will result in more social isolation. However, that can be said with anything. I think it needs to be used appropriately and with good intent.

I also agree with its point about the internet being a powerful research tool. I also agree that in order for the use of the internet to be successful in primary grade classes, extensive modeling and explanations must take place.




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