Using Online Surveys in the Classroom

After viewing Group 7’s presentation, I now know how to create a Google Survey. I can see myself using this application in my classroom for a variety of reasons. One being as an exit ticket. I can use this to determine what my students retained from my lesson and what they still need help on. I can also use it to monitor my students’ progress. I think that Google Survey is a great tool that teachers of any grade level can use.


Using Podcast in the Classroom

One way in which I plan to use podcasts in my classroom is to provide students with additional time with a lesson. For example, I can record my lesson on a podcast and then provide my students with a link to that podcast for additional studying and review. It can also be beneficial for students who are absent. This way, students do not have to miss out on lessons and they do not have to try and teach the material to themselves.

I can also use podcasts in my classrooms to provide my students with a different source to find information. For example, if we are learning a lesson on economics, I can show an episode of the well-known podcast, Freakonomics. Overall, podcasts are a great resource for any type of teacher to utilize in their classrooms.

Video Editing and Showcasing

I chose to create an Animoto about when I studied abroad in 2013. I am actually quite familiar with video editing and showcasing. In fact, I used Animoto quite frequently when I was in undergrad for projects and assignments. I use iMovie for most projects. When I was younger, I was obsessed with recording and editing my own “movies.” My parents were convinced I was going to grow up to become a film editor. But alas, the teaching profession called my name instead.

As for communication with my group member, I informed Samantha that I am well-versed in Animoto and if she has any questions, to send them on over! As for showcasing on my blog, I wish there was an easier way to embed my Animoto to my WordPress blog. The embed coding does not work. Other than that, I love the application. It is easy to use and, most importantly, fun!

Web 2.0 Learning Experience – So Far

My Web 2.o learning tool is Wikispaces. I have a little experience with Wikis for school, but I never made one myself. I’ve used them for something as simple as a sign up page for when I did observations in undergrad. I also used them for a whole semester last fall. The professor posted all classwork and assignments on his Wiki. As for creating a Wiki myself, I had to do some research. I learn best by seeing and doing. Because of this, I looked up “how to create a Wiki on youtube.” This helped me visualize what I am suppose to do and where are the options are on the website. I also learn by doing. So, I played around on the Wikispaces site until I understood how to do it. I’m excited to share my findings and work with my partner to create a cohesive presentation.